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Retail Sites In Shanghai Provide Coupon Printing Service

According to Lakala Shanghai, from now on, consumers can go to over 5,000 Lakala payment sites in convenience stores, supermarkets, and drugstores in Shanghai to print various coupons free of charge.

A representative from Lakala Shanghai told local media that at present the dining coupons printing service provided by Lakala are available from many retail outlets, including Allday, Lianhua Quick, Bright, C-store, 7-Eleven, Wal-Mart, Trust-Mart, Lianhua Hypermarket, and Tesco. These coupons are equally valid as those issued by restaurants. Consumers can print them at any time without any registration procedures.

Lakala has also established partnerships with discount information websites such as and Coupons provided by these websites can also be printed on Lakala's machines.

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