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Gansu Will Build 3,000 Rural Chain Stores In 2010

According to reports in local media, China's Gansu province plans to build and renovate 3,000 rural retail chain stores in 2010.

Information from Gansu's latest provincial business meeting shows that apart from the 3,000 rural stores, the province will also build and renovate 40 product distribution centers to increase the distribution rate of daily commodities of local rural stores to over 50%. On the completion of the project, these rural stores will cover all the counties, 90% of the towns, and 80% of the villages in the province.

The province has set business goals for 2010, stating that it should realize a 16% growth of total retail sales, reaching CNY135.7 billion; realize a 20% growth in foreign trade, reaching USD4.5 billion; achieve a 20% growth of investments from outside the province, reaching CNY55 billion; and achieve a 10% growth of investments from foreign investors.

In addition, Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu province, will build one or two model shops featuring folk characteristics to meet the varied demands of consumers.

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