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CodeLab Expands In China With More Customers

Beijing, China (February 04, 2010) / — IPS is proud to now offer to programming instructors in China the web-based learning system CodeLab, an interactive exercise system for introductory programming classes in Java, C++, C and other programming languages.

At the heart of CodeLab is a set of over 250 unique, fully interactive, hands-on programming exercises that cover an Intro Programming syllabus. CodeLab provides automatic checking of the exercises, instantly returning positive reinforcements or diagnostic feedback to the students. The entire suite is now available in Simplified Chinese.

Instructors who assign CodeLab find that their students make fewer mistakes in their homework programs, perform better on tests and quizzes, and gain confidence in their ability to program. In addition, CodeLab includes instructor management tools that make it very easy to incorporate the exercises into your course.

Through a web-based interface, the instructor can organize the topics, select, name and order the exercises and assign due-dates. Finally, the system tracks all student work, and instructors have easy access to a web-based or email-based record of student performance that can be integrated with an existing grading system. Over 15 universities in China have already had Codelab customized to match their syllabi.

For more information about IPS please visit, or call their Corporate Offices in Beijing, China at +86-10-6464-0108.

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