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Wuhan To Grow Eight Breakfast Brand Chains In 2010

News from a commercial working meeting in Wuhan is that in 2010, the city will launch a series of measures to optimize its business functions, to improve the quality of consumable items for citizens, and to achieve over 15% growth of total retail sales.

News emanating from the meeting is that Wuhan will develop the city's Erqi, Gutian, Guanshan, and Yangchun Lake areas into regional business centers. At the same time, it will improve the service abilities of ten business districts: Wushang Road, Middle Zhongshan Avenue, Hankou Riverside Avenue, Wangjiawan, Zhongjiacun, Zhongnan Road, Luxiang, Xudong, Wuchang Linjiang avenue, and Jian'er road.

In addition, Wuhan plans to build eight breakfast brand chain enterprises; build one or two staple food processing and distribution centers; set up 400 new roaming breakfast carts; open 30 featured brand stores; and optimize five breakfast markets.

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