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McDonald's To Open Hamburger University In Shanghai

As a celebration of the 20th anniversary of McDonald's entry into the Chinese market, the international fast food giant has announced plans to launch a new hamburger university in Shanghai, the company's seventh worldwide, making the city a new human resources training base for McDonald's in Asia Pacific.

Over the next five years, McDonald's will reportedly invest over CNY150 million in this new hamburger university to train at least 5,000 employees, who will work for McDonald's worldwide in the future. At present, the fast food company has opened 1,100 chain restaurants in China, of which 10% are in Shanghai.

Prior to this announcement, McDonald's had set-out its new plan for China in 2010, stating it would increase its investment in China by 25% to open 150 to 175 new restaurants on the Chinese mainland.

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  1. This is quite awesome that Micky D's doing this for china. I just have 1 wish, for them to open a McDonalds in Dengfeng, Henan. We got to live with a dumb Dicos which always runs out of chicken nuggets when i get there. Their restocking is terrible. We need at least 1 McDonalds in Dengfeng pretty please.

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