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Macau's Retail Sales Up 16% In 2009

Data released by Macau Statistics and Census Bureau shows that Macau's retail sales reached MOP22.11 billion in 2009, an increase of 16% over those of 2008.

The data shows that Macau's retail sale saw a dramatic increase in the fourth quarter of 2009, reaching MOP6.48 billion, which was an increase of 28% over those of the same period of the previous year. The sale of watches and gold jewelry was said to be the highest during that period. However sales of domestic fuel and vehicle fuel dropped by more than 20%.

Surveys show that about 75% of the retailers in Macau are confident that sales in the first quarter of 2010 will be higher than, or the same as, those of the fourth quarter of 2009, and about 80% of them believe that prices of good will remain stable or will increase.

Macau has implemented a cash-sharing plan over the last two years, paying MOP6,000 to each permanent resident and MOP3,600 to each non-permanent resident to improve their lifestyle and encourage spending.

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