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Starbucks To Enter China's Tea Drinks Market

American coffee retailer Starbucks has announced in Shenzhen that it has formally launched nine kinds of tea drinks in China, marking this coffee shop chain's entry into the huge Chinese tea drinks market.

These nine tea drinks include three original-leaf Chinese-style tea drinks, four original-leaf foreign tea drinks, and two handmade special tea drinks. Apart from these tea drinks, Starbucks has also launched related accessory products such as tea cups and teapots.

Huang Limin, the vice president for market, product, and communications in Starbucks Greater China, told local media that the launch of tea drinks is in response to the demands of local consumers. After a long period of market investigation, Starbucks decided to first launch the nine kinds of tea products and it expects to expand its tea drinks product line in the future.

By the end of 2009, Starbucks had opened over 700 coffee shops in Greater China, including over 360 in mainland China.

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