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Korea's E-Mart To Open 100 New Stores In China By 2015

Although it entered the Chinese market 13 years ago, the development of South Korea's E-Mart has been slow. However, its newly appointed China president has stated that it will accelerate its expansion and will open 100 new stores by 2015.

Commenting on its slow development in the past, the company said that compared with its competitors like RT-Mart and Carrefour, E-Mart has no advantage in product quality or price. In addition, E-Mart has been insisting to its own operating model and did not make in-depth research about the consumer habits in China, leading to the lack of support from local consumers and suppliers.

To solve these problems, the company plans to add new categories of products, reduce prices, improve product quality, and introduce more quality suppliers to meet the demands of consumers. In addition, the company will transfer over 40 employees from South Korea and introduce management staff from Taiwan into the various departments on the mainland, in order to implement improvements and innovation into the company.

As a result of these measures E-Mart expects to increase its revenue by 20% to 30%.

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