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Greenpeace Accuses Wal-Mart Of Selling GM Rice In China

According to a report released by the global environmental organization Greenpeace, the U.S.-based retail giant Wal-Mart has been selling genetically modified rice in China.

According to Chinese media Greenpeace's report reveals that a Wal-Mart store on Huangxing South Road in Changsha in China's central Hunan province has been selling two strains of GM rice. Greenpeace says that according to the packaging the two strains of rice were produced by Hunan Miluo Longzhou Rice Factory and Hubei Jianli Yinxin Rice Company.

The Greenpeace report is said to be based on two quality investigations conducted between October and November 2009. Greenpeace states that no parties in China had been allowed to produce or sell GM rice before November 2009 so it was against the law for the Mal-Mart store to sell this rice. Greenpeace says that Wal-Mart is threatening the health of Chinese consumers and is holding them in disrespect. Greenpeace adds that Wal-Mart had promised British consumers that it would not sell any GM products to them and it should do the same for Chinese consumers, who rely on rice as a staple food.

In addition, the Greenpeace report shows that the Ito Yokado Shuangnan Store in Chengdu, Sichuan province had been selling genetically modified pawpaw.

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