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Denmark's JYSK To Open First Outlet In China

According to reports in local media, following the launch of its Chinese headquarters in the Yangpu district of Shanghai in May 2009, the North European home supplies provider JYSK has decided to open its first Chinese store in the same city on April 8, 2010.

The company will reportedly open eight to ten stores in Shanghai before the end of 2010 and it aims to have 500 stores across China within the next few years. After it gains enough experience and has become adapted to the local market, JYSK will expand its business to the eastern and southern areas of China.

Targeting the mass consumer market, JYSK seeks a balance between price and quality. It provides nearly 3,000 product of eight major categories, including mattresses, duvets, towels, textiles, bookshelves, beds, desks, sofas, home decoration materials, and garden furniture.

Established by Lars Larsen in 1979, JYSK today has around 1,600 stores in 32 countries, with most of them in Europe. With the opening of the Shanghai JYSK store, the company can add China to its global retail network.

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