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Chengdu To Encourage International Dining Enterprises

Information from a seminar held in Chengdu is that the city has formulated a plan to develop its dining industry and build Chengdu into an international gourmet city.

According to the plan, Chengdu seeks to increase the average annual operating revenue for its hotel and dining industries by 17% by 2012, reaching a total operating revenue of over CNY50 billion.

Chengdu will also launch a batch of major projects for building a gourmet city, including creating local leading dining enterprises, cultivating five dining enterprises with sales of CNY500 million, and developing five dining enterprises into multinational firms.

In addition, Chengdu will focus more on attracting investments and will introduce five well-know multinational dining enterprises, including Burger King, Long John Silver's, and Hardee's. Chengdu will train 1,000 international dining talents each year.

Over the next three years, Chengdu will improve the layout of six gourmet streets and encourage dining enterprises to converge in these areas.

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