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Disney To Expand Chinese Market With New Toonsland Brand

According to Han Gang, the senior vice president for Walt Disney Greater China, Disney will launch a new strategy to develop the markets in third-tier cities in China with a specially designed new retail store brand Toonsland.

Toonsland is reported to be a one-stop retail store that provides up to 600 kinds of products, covering apparel, stationery, and toys featuring characters from Disney cartoons. Each store will have an average area of about 60 square meters.

Han said that in addition the adoption of a comprehensive one-stop model, Toonsland's products and prices will also be different from those in the first- and second-tier cities. Products in first-tier cities focus on fashion and details, but these in third-tier cities focus on practicality and simplicity. Also the prices of products sold in Toonsland stores will be lower than Disney products in first-tier cities.

Han revealed that the first Toonsland is expected to be opened in April 2010 and the company plans to open 20 Toonsland stores before the end of 2010. In the next three years, the number of Toonsland stores will be built up to around 500. Disney will cooperate with franchisees and local partners for the development of the Toonsland brand, instead of opening own stores.

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