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Li-Ning Predicts 20.3% Growth In Q3 Orders

Chinese sportswear company Li-Ning has announced that its order cycle for the third quarter of 2010 has been successfully completed and the value of orders it received has increased by 20.3% compared with the same period of 2009.

Of the ordered products, the average retail price of Li-Ning's shoe products increased by 11.1% and the order volume increased by 0.5%; while the average retail price of its apparel products increased by 7.6% and the order volume increased by 20.7%.

Zhong Yiqi, the chief financial officer of Li-Ning, said that the order growth for the third quarter reflects the continuous increase of demands in the mainland China market. He predicted that China's overall sports supplies market will show stable recovery in the second quarter this year.

In 2010, Li-Ning plans to adopt active and stable strategies to build its brand and core competitiveness. Meanwhile, the company will enhance integration of product, retail, and communication with consumers to maintain a steady growth.

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