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Webinar: Understanding China VAT Obligations is a Must for Companies

Beijing, China (April 21, 2009) / — Sharon Su, Manager at LehmanBrown International Accountants, recently spoke on China Value Added Tax (VAT) obligations in a webinar hosted by the China Resource Network.

For China-based companies and those with China-related business operations, calculating Value Added Tax obligations can prove complex and time-consuming.

Russell Brown, Managing Partner of LehmanBrown commented: "VAT accounted for 26% of the annual tax revenue in 2009, and is the most strictly controlled and closely monitored type of tax in China. The calculation of VAT liabilities, specifically export VAT refund is often complicated and confusing to foreign investors. In relation to VAT laws, the China State Administration of Taxation frequently issues new circulars and guidelines. These can lead to differing VAT, especially export VAT refund calculations depending on the industry and structure of the business entity."

The webinar was hosted by the Ohio-based China Resource Network (CRN), which aims to develop business links between Ohioan businesspersons and the People's Republic of China. For more information about CRN, please go to

Brown comcludes, "External factors such as, locating a business in an Export Zone offering preferential VAT policies, and the governing tax authority can in many instances impact the level of VAT payable by the company. In light of this, it is essential that those responsible for business operations in China have a solid understanding of influencing factors and are able to maximise upon any available preferential policies."

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