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Special Counters For Low-Sodium Salt In Beijing

According to the website of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, 27 major supermarkets in Beijing will arrange special counters for low-sodium salt products in each of their outlets.

It is said that the promotion of low-sodium salt is one of the most important tasks for the Beijing municipal government in the year when BMBC anticipates that low-sodium salt account for 10% of the total sales of small package salt products. To respond to the government's initiative, 959 stores belonging to the 27 supermarkets will set up a special counter to sell low-sodium salt products.

It is learned that from late May, 2010, 475-gram packages of low-sodium salt, which include 75 complimentary grams of salt offered by the municipal government plus a 2-gram salt measuring spoon, will be available in all 959 outlets.

Made of iodized salt with specific added amounts of potassium chloride and bitter salt, low-sodium salt is aimed at helping people improve their health and prevent disease.

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