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China's Lenovo And Hisap Reach Strategic Cooperation

To enhance its leading position of its PC and mobile Internet terminals in the Chinese consumer market, the Chinese PC maker Lenovo has signed a full-service expansion strategic cooperation agreement with the IT and electronic products retailer Hisap.

Starting from 2010, the cooperation between the two parties will not be limited to the direct supply and exclusive supply of products. They will work together in sectors such as joint research and development, joint manufacturing, collaborative terminal building, and in-depth cooperation on services. Over the next five years, Lenovo aims to realize its ambitious goal of selling a total of five million PCs and other mobile Internet terminals with the help of Hisap's nationwide retail network.

In addition, Lenovo and Hisap will focus on innovations in cooperating models and specific operations. The two parties have agreed that apart from cooperation in products, sales, market promotion, and services, they will start in-depth cooperation in product research and development, technology innovation, terminal building, price setting, and various market activities.

The two parties also clarified a communication system. Based on the real-time sharing of consumer statistics, they will set up a complete communication platform and make regular strategies for product promotion and marketing.

The Lenovo-Hisap Institute proposed by executives of the two parties will be put into operation at the end of April 2010. The institute will be built into a training base for professional technical personnel and comprehensive service staff as well as a daily working place for technology exchange, experience sharing, and statistics analysis.

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