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Metanoia Partners and Ashnik to Co-Chair at Mobile Cloud Computing ASIA 2010

Neoedge picks Metanoia Partners and Ashnik to chair on July Telecom Event – banks on longevity of experience and integrity.

Singapore (May 26, 2010) / — Neoedge Pte. Ltd (Telecoms and IT) announced this morning that Ashnik's Sachin Dabir and Metanoia Partners' Nigel K J Dye will be co-chairing for the Mobile Cloud Computing ASIA 2010 conference which will be held on 14-15 July at Carlton Hotel Singapore.

Sachin Dabir, the founder of Ashnik, is widely recognized as an authority in the IT industry and has helped solution providers grow businesses in the new territories. He played a major role in establishing Red Hat and open source businesses in India. His 18 years in the industry has benefited enterprises in adopting right technologies to solve the business problems.

He is a great blogger and often extensively quoted by media. His work involved guiding companies leverage social media and mobile marketing. He has a solid background in infrastructure solutions leading to cloud computing and likewise in mobile applications development.

Sachin will open the conference as Chairman and will have an exciting presentation entitled: "Will the Reality of Convergence in the Telecommunications World be on the Clouds?” Nigel K J Dye, however, is opening the 2nd day of this very exciting event by presenting on “The Challenge of the Mobile Cloud" and he is determined to persuade us to turn technology into cash.

Metanoia Partners' Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer Nigel K J Dye is currently focusing on Enterprise 2.0 and Next Generation Network consulting and service development.

His accomplishments include the development of the 1st European Value Added Network (DunsNet), having obtained the 1st commercial license from Oftel in the early 80's.

He was with British Telecom for 10 years as a Director and Vice President. Nigel has also been involved in many successful major Global projects in BT when BT expanded and formed BT Global Services. Additionally, his experience in BT involved Next Generation Networks (21CN), Mobile Services / LTE and Cloud Computing services and strategy.

Nigel then assisted in the setting up of Eunetcom and Global One for Deutsche Telekom and from there he managed Siemens corporate network in over 170 countries. His experience is truly global with a track record of successful projects in China, Asia, Latin America, US and Europe.

With offices in Munich, London and Colombo, Metanoia Partners transforms companies into a revenue generating, cost minimizing and above all, one which maximizes concrete ROI.

Take this opportunity to meet and speak to our experts at the Mobile Cloud Computing ASIA 2010 because no matter how well tuned we think we are to the latest mobile cloud trends and issues, we are sure you will pick up much food for thought with them.

About Metanoia Partners
Metanoia Partners is a knowledge company which provides IT, Telco, Cloud and Enterprise 2.0 consulting, training, coaching and mentoring programs. With a 2-sided business model Metanoia focuses on knowledge transfer to Asia and BPO, KSO and ITO services from Asia to Europe. Metanoia has a global web 2.0 network of over 400 experts and consultants.

About Ashnik
We are the professionals with over 18 years of experience in the IT industry in various fields – business development, sales management and solutions designing. Have worked with the banking, telecom and government industry clients.

About Neoedge
Neoedge is a business media company that aims to serve the corporate world with integrity and excellence by providing cutting edge business intelligences and creating high value networking opportunities.


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