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Walmart Sets Up 29th Agricultural Products Direct Procurement Base In China

In cooperation with Dalian Hongjia, an animal husbandry company that focuses on the production of eggs, Walmart has recently set up its 29th direct procurement base for agricultural products in China.

Huang Zhiping, senior procurement director for Walmart China, told local media that this is Walmart's fourth direct procurement base in Dalian, following those for the procurement of apples, grapes, and vegetables, and it is also the retailer's first direct procurement base for eggs in Northeast China.

Huang said that prior to this, Walmart set up 28 direct procurement bases in 14 Chinese provinces and it plans to increase the number of farmers covered by these bases from 283,000 to one million by 2011.

Founded in 1988, Dalian Hongjia currently has 470,000 quality laying hens and has an annual production capacity of 7,400 tons of fresh eggs.

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