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Gree Anhui Terminates Electronics Retail Cooperation With Suning

Anhui Xinxing Gree Air Conditioner Sales Company, distributor of Zhuhai-headquartered Gree Electric Appliances in Anhui, has announced via five local media that it has terminated cooperation with the Chinese electronics and home appliances retailer Suning in Anhui.

In the announcement, Anhui Gree Air Conditioner said it has terminated cooperation with Suning Anhui for management reasons. Consumers who want to buy Gree's air conditioners can go to other specialty stores. For Gree's air conditioners that have already been sold in Suning stores in Anhui, the company promises to protect the legal rights of users and will still offer after-sales maintenance services, which will be provided by Gree's customer centers across the province.

Ni Zhengyong, general manager of the management center of Suning Hefei has confirmed the news and said the executives from the headquarters of both companies are now negotiating details about this issue.

Min Juanqing, manager of the brand planning department of Suning, said that Suning and Gree do not have cooperation in the headquarters level and the cooperation between Anhui Gree Air Conditioner and Suning Anhui is a regional cooperating activity.

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