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E-commerce Committee Fights Poor Practices In Beijing

The Beijing E-commerce Industry Collaboration Committee has been established to encourage resource sharing and industry self-regulation, and to resist unhealthy competition.

Chinese e-commerce and industry websites, including,,,, expressed their support for the newly established committee and said they promise to be honest and self-disciplined to resist unhealthy competition and to create a good e-commerce environment.

According to Gao Yingwei, director of Beijing Electronic Commerce Association, in 2009, the market scale of B2B e-commerce industry in Beijing reached about CNY280 billion, accounting for 10% of the total sales of social goods in the city; and the market scale of B2C online retail sector was about CNY17 billion, accounting for 3% of the total retail sales in Beijing.

At present, the number of B2B platforms in Beijing accounts for 10.7% of that in the entire country. Of these websites, 11 enterprises are the top 100 e-commerce websites in China.

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