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Acer To Start Selling Founder's Computer Products In China

Following the signing of a memorandum of understanding in Beijing in May 2010, the Chinese mainland Founder Group and the Taiwanese Acer have jointly announced that they will implement further cooperation in the PC business sector.

With the cooperation, Acer will be responsible for the operation of most of Founder's PC businesses, including PC product planning for the Chinese market, marketing, and supply chain management. At the same time, Founder's PC after-sale service network will also become the after-sale service provider of Acer.

Based on the cooperation, Founder's PC businesses will benefit from Acer's scale effect and will improve the production capacity of its mobile devices; while Acer can further improve its sales channels and service network with the help of Founder's resources, so as to improve its competitiveness on the Chinese mainland.

The cooperation is expected to play an integration role in the product supply, supply chain, and channel coverage of the two companies, and to promote the revenue growth of the two parties.

Apart from their cooperation in the PC sector, Founder and Acer will seek cooperation in the digital publishing field in the future.

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