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More Group Tours Heading To Macau

The Statistics and Census Service of the Macau Government has announced that the number of tourists in groups reached 489,000 in June 2010, which is 1.67 times more last year, when the H1N1 flu reduced the number of arrivals.

In June, the number of mainland group tourists increased by 2.1 times compared to the previous year, while the number of group tourists from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan grew by 50%. Korea and India recorded the highest growth in group tourists last month.

The average hotel occupancy rate jumped 35.3% from a year earlier to 603,000 in June, with the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong as the top two tourist source regions.

Industry analysts said that the number of city's full-year tourist entries will rise by 15% to 20% to 24 million in 2010, if the current growth momentum is maintained for the rest of the year.

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