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A Feast of Flavours at Hotel Kunlun

Spice up Your Autumn

Jin Yuan takes the chill out of the autumn months, with an irresistible menu of spiced out delights!
Tel: (8610) 6590 3388 ext. 5038
Fresh Sea Cucumber

Simple House gives a nod to your health this autumn, with a flavorful menu featuring fresh sea cucumber cookery.
Tel: (8610) 6590 3388 ext. 5673  
Temptingly Tasty Turtle

Find out why turtle gastronomy is so revered - healing qualities combine with meaty flavors for an unforgettable meal at Jade Shanghai Flavor.
Tel: (8610) 6590 3388 ext. 5031  
Hairy Crab Feast!

Fresh from the deep waters of Yang Cheng Lake, the season for succulent hairy crab delights has arrived!
Tel: (8610) 6590 3388 ext. 5031  
Flavors of the Season

Known as the "season of healthy appetites" in Japan, autumn is the perfect time to sample Keikoku Restaurant's fresh seafood fare!
Tel: (8610) 6590 3388 ext. 5695  
Clay Pot Cuisine

Ma Cherie's piping hot and tasty clay pot dishes are the perfect answer to warm up as the weather cools down!
Tel: (8610) 6590 3388 ext. 5697  
Dim Sum High Tea

Spend the afternoon indulging in the Mezzanine Lounge's sweet and savory dim sum delights!
Tel: (8610) 6590 3388 ext. 5324  
September: Theme Nights

Mondays EU Night
Tuesdays Walk Asia Night
Wednesdays Mediterranean Night
Thursdays Roast and BBQ Night
Fridays Seafood Night
Saturdays Stew Night
Sundays Continental Flavor
Tel: (8610) 6590 3229  
Gastronomic Australia

Slow-roasted Australian Rib Eye, Peppered Venison, Grilled Lobster Tail... indulge in the hearty flavors of Australia!
Tel: (8610) 6590 3388 ext. 5038  
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