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Tesco China To Reduce Carbon Emission By 10% In 2010 Fiscal Year

The UK-headquartered retailer Tesco has held its first forum for climate change and the sustainable development of the retail industry in Shanghai, announcing that it plans to reduce the carbon emission of its Chinese business by 10% in the 2010 fiscal year.

Lucy Neville-Rolfe, CMG, executive director (corporate and legal affairs) of Tesco, said during the forum that Tesco has invested great time and resources in the research and pursuit of carbon emission opportunities. In China, the company strives to achieve its environmental goals while maintaining obvious growth. Therefore, the company's plan to reduce its carbon emission in China by 10% is a step towards its decided goals; meanwhile, it is a contribution to ease the climate change problems in China.

The forum offers a platform, where Tesco's new energy-saving goals are announced, and various stakeholders can better realize their environmental goals in China.

Tesco China also revealed that it will build its first self-built low-energy-consumption distribution center in Jiashan, Zhejiang. Compared with a traditional distribution center, the new distribution center in Jiashan can save 35% energy, making it an integral part of Tesco's overall carbon reduction goal.

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