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Fancl Opens 100th Store On Chinese Mainland

The international skin care brand Fancl has opened its 100th store on the Chinese mainland at Shanghai International Financial Center.

The new Fancl concept store in Shanghai International Financial Center follows the brand's consistent theme of "simple, graceful, and creative". The entire store is designed to be spacious and transparent with a bright and simple style. The products are displayed orderly and functionally. The beauty consulting area and the VIP room are separated by translucent frosted glass curtain wall, making customers feel cozy and comfortable.

Since Fancl opened its first specialty counter on the Chinese mainland at Shanghai Parkson in September 2004, it has opened 100 outlets in this marketplace during the past six years. In addition, the brand will keep expanding on the Chinese mainland from the coastal cities to the central cities and large second-tier cities. By October 2010, it will have over 110 outlets in 40 cities in China.

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