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China Publishes National Standards For Home Appliances After-sales Services

The Standardization Administration of China has published nine standards for the after-sales services of home appliances, which are China's first batch of national standards in the home appliances retail service sector.

The contents of these standards reportedly cover common requirements in the home appliances after-sales service industry as well as special requirements concerning eight kinds of products, including refrigerators, air-conditioners, and water heaters.

These national standards are expected to regulate the Chinese home appliances after-sales service market and promote the overall improvement of home appliances services in China.

In regards to the publication of these standards, Qi Yunshan, service director for Haier Greater China, said that the publication of the nine national standards is only a starting point. As a leading enterprise in China's home appliances after-sales service industry, Haier will make further efforts to promote the implementation of the national standards in various companies. It will also participate in the amendment and improvement of the home appliances service standard system to promote the development of the home appliances services.

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