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China Unicom Plans Branded Retail Outlets In Hong Kong

ZTE Corporation will soon jointly introduce China Unicom's multi-platform, multi-device application store called the "WoStore" into Hong Kong.

"With a unique advantageous WCDMA network, China Unicom is optimistic about the potential of its WoStore service," said ZTE Vice President Yu Yifang. "ZTE is honored to be the sole partner for the online service platform and to jointly promote this service with China Unicom in Hong Kong."

Launched earlier in Shanghai, the WoStore online application service is built entirely by ZTE and will support all open smartphone platforms except for Apple's iPhone, as well as terminal devices such as tablet PCs and mobile Internet devices. "Wo" is a 3G brand created by China Unicom to reach out to its mobile phone users. Neither company has explicitly stated when the retail store will open.

The WoStore adopts mobile phone numbers as usernames and opens registration to all mobile phone users, including 2G or 3G users, of China Unicom's entire network. Upon successful registration, a user can browse, purchase, download, gift, recommend and add applications to their favorite folders on the WoStore portal.

The service leverages China Unicom's extensive range of 3G terminals and rich mobile applications, and is an important part of the company's 3G portfolio. It follows on from the network operator's successful Apple iPhone launch strategy this year in mainland China.

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