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Suning To Open Three Expo Super Flagship Stores In Chengdu

Chinese electronics and home appliances retailer Suning has announced in Chengdu that it will open three Expo super flagship stores in the city between December 2010 and January 2011.

The launch of the three new stores, which will be located at Chunxi road, Wannianchang, and Suning square, marks Suning's first major marketing measure since its entry into Sichuan eight years ago.

Gu Wei, general manager for Suning Sichuan, told local media that with a large market capacity, Sichuan is a key market for the chain development of Suning; moreover, Chengdu is a barometer for electronic consumption in the western areas of China. Gu revealed that Suning will further enhance its leading position in Sichuan's home appliances market and it aims to gain annual sales of CNY1.5 billion from the three Expo super flagship stores.

The Expo super flagship stores will create an "experience consumer environment" and and construct a new-generation after-sales service site to form featured services that are different from the traditional channels.

For operation planning, Suning's Expo super flagship stores will increase the ratio of digital 3C products from 25% to between 60% and 65%, without changing the traditional stock keeping unit. In addition, daily commodities such as toilet paper, racks, and wiring boards will be available at these new stores.

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