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Auchan Plans More Chengdu Stores As Chinese Urban Real Estate Prices Rise

Auchan has recently opened a 9,284-square-meter new store in Huayang, Chengdu, the first large supermarket in the area.

Compared with Carrefour and Wal-Mart, the French retail giant Auchan is growing at a much slower expansion pace in Chengdu and it had just opened three stores since its entry into the city seven years ago. In regards to this situation, the general manager of Auchan China, Su Dehua said that the company's focus is not one more stores, but better stores. Compared with other supermarkets, all three Auchan stores in Chengdu are self-built, thus store locations must be carefully selected by the company.

In addition, Su revealed that Auchan plans to open seven new stores in Chengdu in the next five years. By the end of 2010, there were 41 Auchan stores in China; meanwhile, the number will reach 100 by 2015. He also said that with the increase of urban land prices in the future, suburban expansion will become a new trend as the company moves out of the cities.

Auchan's fourth store in Chengdu, located near Wuhou avenue and Sichuan-Tibet highway, is expected to open next year or the year after.

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