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Home Appliance Sales Continue Growth In 2011

According to China's Ministry of Commerce, sales of home appliances in the country's rural areas in January 2011 passed 10 million units in a single month for the first time.

There are 10.489 million units sold to rural areas with the value of CNY25.36 billion, up by 80% and 123% year-on-year, respectively.

Sales of color televisions and refrigerators were ranked the first and second nationwide, with the value of CNY9.09 billion and CNY5.77 billion, respectively.

Geographically, the top five in terms of regions were Shandong with CNY2.83 billion; Henan with CNY2.72 billion; Anhui at CNY2.47 billion; Hebei with CNY1.72 billion; and Jiangsu with CNY1.57 billion.

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