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HP Expands Retail Tech Demo Areas In China

American technology company HP has held a new strategy, brand and product launch in Shanghai and the company announced that it will open its first experience center in Beijing this month.

According to Jos Brenkel, president for the Asia Pacific and Japan regions of HP information product group, to enhance the communication between consumers and HP products, the company plans to establish its first experience center in Beijing on March 31, 2011. He also revealed that HP will distribute experience centers across China and Southeast Asia to expand its experience network in these regions.

During the launch meeting, HP also displayed its new products, including its tablet computer TouchPad based on the WebOS operating system. HP TouchPad adopts a 9.7-inch touch screen and it supports virtual keyboard and quick start technologies. Its browser supports Adobe Flash Player 10.1 version and it can use the thousands of WebOS applications.

HP said that HP TouchPad will be launched in the Chinese market later this year, and its retail price and launch time will be announced soon.

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