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Sanyo Inks Distribution Deal With Chinese Retailer

Chinese electronics and home appliances retailer Gome has signed a five-year strategic cooperation agreement with the Japanese home appliances brand Sanyo and the two parties will implement in-depth cooperation in various areas, including information sharing, product development, marketing, sales management, and after-sales services.

Li Juntao, vice president of Gome, told local media that Gome and Sanyo started an exclusive and comprehensive cooperation in 2010. Over the one-year cooperation term, Sanyo sold over 400,000 color TVs in the Chinese market.

Under the new five-year cooperation plan, Gome will be the nationwide exclusive channel provider for Sanyo and help the Japanese company realize total sales of 8.1 million color TVs over the five years. At the same time, Gome will focus on the terminal marketing sector by investing CNY50 million in the promotion of Sanyo brand every year; while Sanyo will focus on product development and manufacturing.

Li predicted that by 2015, Gome's sales will be over CNY200 billion and Sanyo will sell more than 700,000 color TVs via the channels of Gome in 2011.

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