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85°C Opens Coffee Shop In Xiamen

Taiwan-based cafe and bakery chain 85°C has formally entered Xiamen, Fujian province.

The cafe chain will reportedly open three additional new shops in Xiamen before the end of May 2011.

As a specialty store focusing on coffee, bread and cakes, 85°C gained the recognition of consumers with a professional chef team and fair prices. Since the opening of its first shop in 2003, it has developed over 300 chain stores in Taiwan. In 2007, 85°C entered the Chinese mainland market with Shanghai as its first stop. After several years' development, the company now has over 180 sites in the mainland market.

According to a representative in charge of 85°C's Fujian market, the company plans to open four directly-owned stores in Xiamen within May 2011, because a market investigation shows that the bakery chain industry is maturing and lots of bakery service brands have gained success in the city. The representative also revealed that 85°C will stick to its direct operation model in Xiamen and will not adopt the franchise model.

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