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Suning Appoints New Head For Beijing

Chinese home appliances and electronics retailer Suning has appointed Hou Enlong, former head of Suning Chongqing, as new general manager of Suning Beijing.

Meanwhile, Fan Zhijun, former general manager for Suning Beijing, will be transferred back to the headquarters of the company.

Commenting on the new appointment, Sun Weimin, deputy chairman of Suning, said that Suning Chongqing has become a beacon for the company's development in China in recent years; at the same time, the Beijing market is very important. Sun hopes Hou could continue to lead Suning's development in Beijing.

Hou said that in 2011, Suning Beijing will further enhance surveys in the home appliances consumer market and develop stores of various models. During the year, over 30 new stores are expected to open to increase the number of Suning's stores in Beijing to over 100. In addition, Suning will strive to expand its flagship stores to the entire suburban area of Beijing.

Hou emphasized that the sustainable and stable chain development and refined operation and management are the top priorities for Suning Beijing's development in 2011.

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