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Sales Slide For Internet Group Buying In China

Chinese group buying navigation website has published a report covering statistics for May 2011, stating that ranked first in China with sales of CNY75.2 million.

The statistics are based on research of nearly 20,000 group buying activities submitted by 17 mainstream collective buying websites in China. According to the report, the total sales of these websites reached CNY597 million, a slight decrease compared with April 2011; and the total consumption in these collective buying activities reached over 17 million times.

The report listed the sales rank of collective buying websites. ranked first with sales of CNY75.2 million, followed by with sales of CNY74.53 million and with sales of CNY68.18 million. In addition, and listed among the top ten Chinese collective buying websites by revenue, with sales of CNY59.931 million and CNY31.267 million, respectively.

By the end of May 2011, there were about 4,500 different group buying websites in China.

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