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Aeon Opens Its First Premium Supermarket In Hong Kong

Aeon Stores (Hong Kong) Company Limited has announced that Aeon MaxValue Prime, its first premium supermarket in Hong Kong, has opened.

Lam Man Tin, managing director of Aeon Stores, told local media that steady growth in the local economy, coupled with an improving job market and rising disposable income, has enabled more Hong Kong people to pursue a comfortable and trendy lifestyle. Aeon MaxValu Prime, a premium supermarket, is set to address their needs. The company is delighted that Aeon has been able to find a prime location at The One in Tsim Sha Tsui for opening the first store. It will offer an innovative and unique shopping experience to more local consumers.

With an area of approximately 28,000 square feet, Aeon MaxValu Prime Tsim Sha Tsui store targets customers seeking quality living and a trendy lifestyle. The new store carries comprehensive food, fresh products, stylish merchandise and household goods from different countries. The new store also introduces many licensed franchisees, including Okinawa Route 58, an Okinawa products specialty shop; Star Chefs Selection, the abalone expert; and Amiko Gelato, an Italian ice-cream shop, which will all make their debut in Hong Kong. In addition, The Cocoa Trees, an internationally renowned popular chocolate brand; Tutti Frutti, one of the world's largest yogurt chain stores; and Kings Pastry, a German cake shop offering homemade flavors, will be present.

Lam also revealed that Aeon Stores will open a flagship store in Causeway Bay in August or September 2012 and the area of this new store will be doubled compared with the existing store. However, Lam said the company has not decided how many such stores it will open in the future.

The leasing period of the Aeon MaxValu Prime Tsim Sha Tsui store is reportedly nine years and the average consumption of consumers is expected to be 30% to 40% higher than ordinary supermarkets.

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