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Apple's App Store Offers Seven-day Unconditional Refund To Users In Taiwan

Apple has reportedly agreed to amend its service terms at its App Store website so consumers in Taiwan will enjoy a seven-day unconditional refund policy when buying applications from the App Store.

Apple has published a report on its website, stating that it has added the new policy to the service terms of its Taiwanese App Store. Ye Qingyuan, director of the Law and Regulation Commission of Taipei, said that Apple's move is in line with the local rules of Taiwan and it is also a great victory for Taiwan's consumer campaign.

Facing the question that the policy may stifle the development of the software industry, Ye said mobile application programs have no difference from ordinary products bought on the Internet. Consumers cannot know the actual status of the programs before buying them, so they should be protected by the relevant consumer protection provisions.

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