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Japanese Retailer Opens Second-hand Branded Goods Stores In Shanghai

Brand Off, the Japanese retailer known for the selling of second-hand branded products, has opened two new outlets in Shanghai's Nanjing West Road and Nanjing East Road, respectively.

With its head store located in Ginza, Tokyo, Brand Off is mainly engaged in the purchase and sale of designer bags, jewelry, accessories, and watches, including second-hand, brand-new and rare products. The stores offer cheaper ways for luxury-minded Chinese shoppers to own high-end bags, shoes, and clothing.

Brand Off's first store in Shanghai entered Nanjing West Road on September 24, 2011, and during its one-month trial operation period, it has attracted a large number of consumers from all over the country. To meet the ever-growing demands of Chinese consumers, the retailer opened the second store in Nanjing East Road, focusing on the wholesale business. In addition, both the two stores have experts from Japan, who will help identify the authenticity of the products, aiming to provide Chinese consumers with reliable and quality branded products.

Founded in April 1993, Brand Off developed rapidly over the past years. It now has 47 outlets, including 38 self-owned stores and five franchises stores in Japan as well as four stores overseas.

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