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South Beauty Opens First Self-owned Restaurant In Hebei

The Chinese high-end restaurant chain South Beauty has announced the opening of a new outlet in Tangshan, Hebei province, which is also the brand's first self-owned restaurant in the province.

Zhang Lan, chairman of South Beauty, said that this is the first time for the company to enter Tangshan. It aims at providing high-quality and innovative dishes to local consumers, and offering fashionable, elegant, and international dining experiences to people in the city.

With an operating area of nearly 9,000 square meters, the new South Beauty restaurant features an elegant and luxurious environment as well as carefully selected ingredients and spices, which are shipped from all over the country. South Beauty reportedly changed its main menu at the end of 2011, adding high-end nutritional ingredients into the traditional Sichuan cuisine.

Founded in 2000, South Beauty Company Limited is headquartered in Beijing. The company has two high quality brands, South Beauty Restaurants and Steam. So far, it has developed over 50 outlets across China.

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