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E-commerce Retail Agreement Focuses On Home Appliances In China

Yao Danqian, senior vice president of, told local media that the website has signed an exclusive agreement with the home appliances retailer Gome for large home appliances and henceforth not sell large home appliances. previously launched a special online channel for Gome on March 25, 2012, and all Gome's products can be found on the B2C e-commerce website. Under this new agreement, Gome will become the only partner for in this large appliance sector and has stopped the operation of large home appliances business.

Yao revealed that the cooperation between and Gome covers the full process of buying products, including product information, stock information, and unified prices.

Guo He,'s senior director for market, told local media that the two parties will start a price war in April, lowering the profit to nearly zero. opened its platform in 2011 and it has currently formed alliances with Gome,,,, and

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