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European Dairy Export Company Enters China

Hero Group, a leading European dairy export company, has announced its formal entry into the Chinese infant formula market.

The company will launch its Hero Nutradefense brand products in China and the products will be sold via Suzhou-based Jampoo Union Corp, its exclusive general agency in China including Hong Kong and Macau. Jampoo Union will also be responsible for the sales of Hero Group's other products such as infant nutritional food supplements and jam in China.

Peter Amon, chief executive officer of the group, told local media that Hero Nutradefense is one of their finest brands and they are proud to launch this product in the Chinese market. They hope to be able to contribute to the healthy growth of Chinese babies. He also said that the group collects milk source information from all over the world and adjusts the milk formula according to local demands. Their products were produced in the Netherlands and only the purest Dutch milk is used in the production.

Founded in 1886 in Switzerland, Hero Group is one of the largest food groups in Europe. Focused on the production of infant nutrition, vegetable and fruit, the group currently has 20,000 pastures, producing 11.9 billion kilogram milk every year.

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