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Neoedge's Loyalty and CRM Summit goes back to Shanghai

Neoedge releases its programme agenda for the upcoming Loyalty and CRM summit in September. It is Neoedge's premier event to explore the reality behind the modern concepts and technologies, in the Loyalty & CRM realm, in this competitive and fast-changing business arena.

Neoedge's 4th Customer Loyalty Asia Programme and CRM Summit or simply 4th Loyalty & CRM Summit, together with its partners in the media, in continuously drawing the roadmap of the Loyalty & CRM space in Asia, releases its programme agenda for the upcoming summit in Shanghai, China, 25th-26th September 2012.

Rekha Kaur, an Experienced Conference Producer at Neoedge expressed: "This year, we shall be exploring in-depth insights of emerging and established markets in Asia while also addressing the best practices, strategies, approaches, techniques, innovations as well as the current and future market for loyalty and CRM. As you know, Asia is an ever changing market and so we are aiming for this event to also serve as a platform for all national, international and independent companies. One where they can network and share their business ideas and successful past experiences."

The following key areas will be addressed in depth with Real Examples and Case Studies:

• Global trends vs. loyalty in China and the rest of Asia
• Best Practices and case studies in Asia; Successful case sharing on execution and return on investment monitoring
• Trends for the next decade and engaging consumers in the next generation
• CRM Journey in emerging markets in the context of project, program & innovation as well as people, procedure, platform & tools
• Asia based coalition program
• Consumer and data analytics, insights management and customer segmentation
• Best practices for data collection set-up and data mining model
• Customer lifetime value development, customer lifecycle and communications
• Key methodology to improve traffic and converse traffic to sales
• New trends, innovation and analysis for mobile application & social network
• Measurement of relationship strength/quality via E-Channel, Marketing, Social Media & CRM
• Churn management and successful case study of customer retention in the Asian market
• CRM (Customer Relationship Management) vs. Customer Experience Management (CEM)
• Partnership marketing and value sharing

"Mastering the how-to's of success through customer loyalty programmes and CRM for the new Asian generation of consumers", is this year's main theme, Kaur added.

4th Customer Loyalty Asia Programme and CRM Summit is Neoedge's premier event for the past 3 years. As Kaur pointed out, "The first two years were held in Shanghai, China and when moved to Vietnam in 2011, it had a phenomenal impact in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. As we progressed with the research for this summit, the market demands for it to be back in Shanghai and we are very excited to be moving the event to Shanghai's Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel, China, in the 25th – 26th September 2012."

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