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Two New Stores For Apple In Shenzhen, Chengdu

Though its iPad trademark dispute with Shenzhen Proview Technology has not been settled, Apple continues its expansion in China and it is reportedly planning two new flagship stores in Shenzhen and Chengdu, respectively.

The opening of the two stores is expected to significantly enhance Apple's business in China. So far, the American technology company has opened five retail stores in mainland China, including three in Shanghai and two in Beijing.

According to a document submitted by Apple to the Shenzhen government, the company plans to launch a flagship store at Nanshan Holiday Plaza. A local official revealed that the approval process is undergoing its final stage and is now apparently only subject to an environmental license.

For Apple's new store in Chengdu, the local government reportedly provided the approval at the end of May 2012, allowing the company to establish a retail store and provide after-sales services in the city.

In regards to the news, Apple's spokesperson refused to comment to local media. However, Apple's Chinese official website shows that the company is hiring retail store staff in Chengdu and Shenzhen.

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