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Wal-Mart To Open Flagship Store In Xiamen

Wal-Mart plans to open a new Sam's Club in Huli district, Xiamen, and the new store will become the retailer's global flagship store.

Liu Keqing, mayor of Xiamen city, told local media that Wal-Mart has opened nine retail outlets in Xiamen, which are in good operating conditions and well accepted by local citizens. According to Liu, apart from developing high-end manufacturing industries, Xiamen also focuses on the development of third industries such as the services industry and it has established several commercial areas.

Wal-Mart hopes to continue its investment and expand its business range in Xiamen and the municipal government of the city will fully support it. Meanwhile, they expect Wal-Mart's new store in Xiamen will promote the growth of other stores, added Liu.

Greg Foran, president and chief executive officer for Wal-Mart China, told local media that Xiamen is a good choice for investment and Wal-Mart has good performance in this city, which is attributed to the long-term support and help from Xiamen government. Wal-Mart plans to open a new Sam's Club in Huli district and it will become Wal-Mart's global flagship store.

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