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Starbucks Launches New Product In China

Starbucks announced plans to introduce its innovative product Starbucks Refresher into the Chinese mainland market.

Starting from August 28, 2012, all of the chain cafes in mainland China will offer this new beverage product, which is available in berry flavor and lime flavor.

Wang Jingying, president for Starbucks China said that Starbucks always places product innovation in the core position in the development of the company. With the innovation spirit, they are committed to provide Chinese consumers with new surprises and more choices. She said China is one of the first marketplaces where consumers can enjoy this new beverage of Starbucks. It will not only improve and enrich consumer experiences, but also represents Starbucks' long-term commitment in China.

Wang also said that they are confident in achieving their goals in China, which are to make China the second largest market of Starbucks by 2014 and to operate 1,500 chain cafes in mainland China by 2015.

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