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China's Wahaha May Open Milk Powder Plant In Western Australia

Zong Qinghou, founder and chairman of China's Wahaha Group, reportedly plans to invest over CNY200 million to set up a dairy processing plant in Busselton in Western Australia.

According to reports in Australian local media, the new project will be a milk powder plant, which aims to meet the demand of the Chinese market. The project will need thousands of cows and is expected to bring huge benefits to local dairy manufacturers in its initial stage. If this project runs successfully, Zong many build his own dairy farm there in the future.

Ian Stubbs, mayor of Busselton, reportedly confirmed that Zong paid a visit to the city and inspected several potential sites for the new processing plant.

A local dairy farmer revealed that Wahaha Group has showed its interest in building a plant in Western Australia for a while. In addition, Western Australia's Minister of Department of Agriculture and Food Terry Redman is apparently actively promoting the investment and several meetings have been held between the two parties.

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