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Chinese Firm Wants More Consumers To Buy Daily Lifestyle Goods Online

Chinese e-commerce website announced the formal launch of a new lifestyle department, which will be responsible for operating services such as mobile phone fee recharges, a group discount platform, and tourism products.

Mobile phone fee recharging and group buying services have already been available to users for some time on the platform, but now they will be more formally integrated into the new department.'s new lifestyle service department currently has about 100 employees and the new department plans to launch one new service each month in the future, covering movie tickets and tourism services.

A representative from the new department said that the services launched by the department are closely related to the daily life of consumers. In the future, users will enjoy one-click service for daily entertainment, dining, and mobile phone recharges and payments.

Several Chinese group buying websites, including,, and, have already joined the group buying platform of this lifestyle service department at

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