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China Mobile's TD-SCDMA Devices Gain New Retail Partnership

Chinese mobile phone retail chain and China Mobile signed a new strategic cooperation agreement, which aims to jointly promote China Mobile's 3G network, customer development, new business marketing, branding, and sales of mobile phones and TD-based devices.

With this agreement, China Mobile's TD-SCDMA devices will depend more on's retail channel advantages. By entering's nationwide retail sites, China Mobile's products are expected to see a large sales increase.

As one of the largest mobile phone retail chains in China, is currently the major retail partner of China Mobile. Since China Mobile's TD-SCDMA network was officially put into commercial use in 2008, has sold 4.27 million TD-SCDMA devices. Meanwhile, its relationship with China Mobile has evolved from the simple sale of TD-SCDMA mobile phones into a more robust partnership.

Liu Donghai, founder of, said that the bridge between China Mobile and its customers is services like mobile fees or packages; while the bridge between and its customers is mobile phone sales. Therefore, China Mobile is an expert in service and is the expert in mobile phone sales. With 19 years of development, accumulated rich experience in sales services, which are the core competitiveness of

Liu said with the partnership between and China Mobile, they will realize sharing of customer resources, integration of businesses, and a combination of retail outlets and business halls. More importantly, the two parties share the same concepts and goals.

Over the past decade, the Chinese communications industry saw rapid development and grew with the industry during the decade. At present, the mobile phone retailer has over 6,000 employees working in 1,000 outlets across China.

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