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Bosideng Invests GBP30 Million In Flagship Store In London

Chinese apparel brand Bosideng has opened a flagship store on South Molton street of London's West End, making it the first Chinese apparel brand to open an outlet in the city.

Bosideng reportedly invested GBP30 million in this flagship store. According to Gao Dekang, chairman of Bosideng, this is an attempt to establish a high-end image for the company. Bosideng aims to challenge well-know brands such as Hugo Boss in the European market.

This new store in London not only aims at attracting British consumers, but also targets Chinese tourists. The company hopes that this new store will improve Bosideng's branding and establish a high-end image to promote Chinese consumers to buy from its stores when they return to China.

The opening of the London flagship store is only the beginning of the overseas expansion of this Chinese brand. The company revealed that it will soon acquire a new store on the Fifth Avenue of New York and its new store in Italy is expected to be launched in 2013.

Founded in 1976 and as one of the biggest brand down jacket manufacturers in China, Bosideng has stayed on the domestic market winner position for 17 years. The company has registered its Bosideng trademark in 68 countries and regions around the world. Standing on the overseas fund-raising, intelligence-raising and increasing its international influence and sales, Bosideng has successfully sold its products into many countries, including Japan, America, Canada, Russia, Switzerland and Great Britain and has established a medium- and high-end boutique image in the mainstream markets of Europe and America.

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