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China's Sets Up User Experience Unit

According to an internal document from, a Chinese B2C e-commerce website, the company has set up a new user experience department, which is the seventh first-tier department of the company.

The new department is reportedly formed by a team of five people. Though the smallest first-tier department of, it is reportedly the most important one. Unlike other departments, which follow multi-level management models, the user experience department will directly report to Liu Qiangdong, chief executive officer of

The document issued by Liu clearly stated the tasks of the user experience department. It said that the department is directly led by the CEO and will focus on analyzing the businesses of the company and providing improvement suggestions from the perspective of user experience. It will assist other departments to jointly improve user experience, enhance customer loyalty, and promote the continuous growth of the company's user base.

The major work of this team of five includes two parts. The first part is to discover, track, and solve problems existing in the online shopping process of users, examine the process and improve service satisfaction; while the second part is to exceed customer expectations, create new experience, and bring surprises to users.

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